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Uncommon clarity and clear direction for busy business owners that is action and results oriented.
Stop leaving money and opportunities behind!
Create a strong, profitable business that can easily grow and profit by utilizing my uncommon and proven strategies.
Let Me Be Your Knight In Shining Armor

Let Me Be Your Knight In Shining Armor

Are you faced with three of the greatest roadblocks to your business:

  • Having a clear strategic plan to focus on and that will achieve the goals, and results you want?
  • Having systems and organization in place that cuts your time down, gets more done, and allows you to do what your great at?
  • Re-purposing your materials into profitable products for multiple uses – easily?

You’ve been successful in business for years but you still want to increase your client list more easily and effectively.

It is time for you to work less, and increase your profits with uncommon strategic decisions that are smart, fast, confident, and profitable.

If you are working your business like everyone else, it is counter productive. Learn how you can develop your own secret and individualized strategies that will powerhouse you through your business activities more uniquely, more effectively, and sharpen your business edge!

I’ve been coaching since 1984 and you can read my bio to see I am an expert that just LOVES to help make other people money – that really is what makes me happy! Why not let it be you that benefits from my years of experience and creativity?

Just schedule, just call the number above – 617-895-0249 and we’ll see how we could work together during a free consult. You have everything to gain!

Isn’t it time for you to take your business to the next level while working less, let me show you how!

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Tonia Boterf
The Practical Expert


1. Check out new coaching package and programs on the services page

2. Watch for new videos, audios, and a lot of informative blogs to be coming very soon

3. I would love to hear what YOUR hottest topics are that you want me to tackle first – drop me an e-mail or call

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Someone asked me why my webpage was so long when the trend is for much shorter ones – my answer was because my clients keep telling me that they like the length and the amount of information that can get from it. The client is always right!


haddon0010[1]As a medieval history buff, I view your business as your castle and you as the Lord or Lady. As it was then, many of principles for success remain the same.

Look, the economy isn’t great and the number of new competitors that enter the market everyday is huge. The standard cookie cutter methods of most coaches are not going to position you for achieving your goals, profits, or dealing with less overwhelm unless we focus on YOUR uniqueness, YOUR passion, what YOU like to do best, and how to best deal with your particular challenges.

I’ll help you find YOUR market, YOUR sweet spot, and YOUR best method to a profitable business.

Helping you gain clarity in all aspects of your business, the organization of your projects, the delivery of your strategic plan for success, how to re-purpose materials into profit making products, templates, meaty information without the fluff, and a coach who actually assists you hands-on is what I’ll deliver to you in a unique and successful way.


As business owners we can be our own worst enemies

Every business needs an outside pair of eyes that can bring objectivity, creativity, knowledge, and experience to help fine tune our efforts in order to achieve our goals.

For the last 30 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many businesses, successfully, to help them bring their message and skills to the world. You are in business to achieve several tangible and intangible things, and my skills can allow you to achieve those goals. I am all about results.

This is the place for: Motivated business owners who realize the value of investing in themselves and their business. My brain is wired differently (actually tested), so I can bring to you new outlooks, different perspectives, and years of experience. Lets change your life and your business!

Schedule here for a free consult or call me at 617-895-0149


I loved our session this morning, you held me graciously while I struggled to gain clarity. You are very affirming and I really really really appreciate your support and wise council. You can see things I cannot, and I really am in appreciation for you holding the vision for me.

 Thanks so very much Tonia for boosting me up jane pic in red

Jane Morrison

Authentic Power Consulting”

Here are some results others have achieved working with me:

  • Identified options that led to 3 new paying clients within 3 days, and within 6 months to win an award from an on-line magazine
  • Through understanding the value of service, one client sold a coaching package for $5000 instead of her usual $597 and the customer was happy. That is an 850% increase in earnings on just one client!
  • Through strategic actions, a business doubled in size within 8 months.
  • With one 5 minute suggestion that my client took immediate simple action on, resulted in a new 3 month committed client within 5 minutes!
  • A well-established business owner was able to double her income in the first 30 days and is now earning over 5x of her starting income in 7 months of working with me, and is continuing to grow!

What will your success story look like?

These are the actual words clients use to describe working with me:

  • Gets me thinking in new ways, reminds me of things, provides new information
  • Brings an objective set of eyes
  • Helps change mindsets
  • Acts as a sounding board
  • Brings clarity and focus
  • Provides very creative ideas to expand my business
  • Ability to see my business’s big picture and break it down into detailed strategic steps to implement
  • Has the ability to look comprehensively at any business for improvement
  • Blunt, you always know what she is thinking and where she stands. No mincing around, just up-front conversation.
  • Very organized
  • She found ways to make me money and to save me money
  • Was able to find a better life balance and I dealt with my aging mother better which meant my business didn’t suffer – I got solutions and ideas that I couldn’t find any where else.

 Schedule Your Call & Keep Your Momentum Up

Don’t delay – call or schedule  your call to get your headache issue off your mind and get your business back in gear. After 30 years of working with businesses and coaching, I have the experience to find solutions, ideas, and options for your needs and you can get them quickly, no waiting around for hours or days.


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