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We Slay Your Business Dragons

bigstock_Down_For_The_Count_6879212Ever have a moment or two when you are working on your business that you:

  • Want a fresh pair of eyes to view what you are doing?

  • Have gotten hung-up on something and want to get ideas, gain some creative solutions, or figure different ways to get around the roadblock that is preventing you from moving forward and thus causing you loss of momentum, time, stress, and losing money?

  • Want someone with experience to bounce your ideas off of.

  • Need answers to questions or to know of resources that could dramatically grow your business.

You don’t have to STOP your work any longer, you now only have to make a call and you’ll be receiving the assistance you need so you can get moving again.

When you want fast, creative solutions to the business issue that is causing you delays, indecision, confusion, loss of momentum, and stress, then with one quick call you can get multiple solutions from an expert with 30 years of experience.

How It Works

You choose a one hour or half hour time slot  that fits you and you’ll find I’m very accessible, pay either $97 or $67 and then we’ll talk. That easy and fast.

We’ll make full use of the time together to create solutions for your particular need and if there is time over, we’ll tackle another area!

You will not receive any attempt at any up-selling – NONE, NADA! The time is for you and your needs, period.

I have a very large breadth and depth of knowledge, add in an unusually high ability to solve problems (yes, I’ve been tested) and the fact that I just love solving problems that will allow others to gain their dreams in business. I love making people money!

I’m right up-front if your need is something I don’t feel I can achieve results for you, you will receive your money back.


News & Specials:

911 launch special – after you buy & use two 911 slots, you’ll get a third FREE. Offer good through April 30th!

My gift to you to help me celebrate the new 911 Business Solutions program!

Why You Will Love & Benefit From The 911 Service


You will get back on track quickly and inexpensively from the roadblock you were facing, gain additional ideas and thoughts for you that will see you moving even faster toward completing your goals.

Whether you are a start-up business, a non-profit, or a million dollar business that is thriving, you have someone with 30 years of experience and creativity to access immediately to bounce your ideas and needs off of and walk away with immediate options – no long waiting for someone to call or trying to reach someone.

You can save a lot of money with this service if you are not currently in a coaching program because you pay for what you need, as you go. Along with immediate assistance, 911 Business Solutions fills a void that allows YOU and your business to maintain momentum, gain personalized ideas just for your business, and get things fast so you are not losing time and momentum to achieve your goals and grow your business.

There just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done that a business owners needs to do, the 911 service allows you to have better time management, less stress, and get things done faster and with quality input from an experienced coach who has had an incredible amount of creativity, experiences, and skills.

Get it done NOW!

Do You Want Solutions to Your Business Problem NOW?

Let Me Be Your Knight In Shining Armor

Let Me Be Your Knight In Shining Armor

There is nothing worse that getting stuck while working and needing some ideas or solutions so you can get back on track. You can’t afford time delays, waiting around for your friend or a business peer to call you back to help. Well now you don’t have to wait, you can quickly and easily reach me to gain a list of possible solutions for you to use and get moving again. It is even affordable!

I’ve been coaching since 1984 and you can read my bio to see I am an expert that just LOVES to help make other people money – that really is what makes me happy! Why not let that be you that benefits from my years of experience and creativity?

Just schedule your call above or click here, and your issue will be addressed shortly and thoroughly. No drawn out contracts or coaching programs, just a one hour of me focusing just on your needs!

Sometimes you may need other types of assistance, so please check out the Service Page and see that more than the 911 service is offered. You can get ghostwriting done, create a website that markets more effectively, or get business growth coaching.


As business owners we can be our own worst enemies.

What you can do for others, is all too often not what we can do effectively for ourselves in creating a more profitable business or seeing some vital solution or idea that could make a world of difference. Needless to say, staying on track can be difficult too.

Every business needs an outside pair of eyes that can bring objectivity, creativity, knowledge, and experience to help fine tune our efforts in order to achieve our goals. Every successful business has a coach or professional providing a service.

For the last 30 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many businesses, successfully, to help them bring their message and skills to the world. You are in business to achieve several tangible and intangible things, and my skills can allow you to achieve those goals.

This is the place for: Motivated business owners who realize the value of investing in themselves and their business. Over the years, it has become known that I also work well with business owners who are of a very creative mindset, those who are perfectionists, verbal processors, procrastinators, and people for whom English is not their first language. This is all because of having excellent communications skills. Whatever your style of learning and communication, we’ll work things out just fine.

Here are some results others have achieved working with me:

  • Options that resulted in the immediate gain of 3 new paying clients within 3 days, and within 6 months to win an award from an on-line magazine
  • Through understanding the value of service, I helped a business owner to review her pricing which resulted her in selling a coaching package for $5000 instead of $597 and the client was extremely happy. That is an 850% increase in earnings on just one client!
  • Providing information on current trends, networking, info, and sounding board on marketing of their type of business which resulted in adding new services to the business and the business doubled in size within 8 months.
  • With one 5 minute suggestion that my client took immediate simple action on, resulted in a new 3 month committed client within 5 minutes!
  • A well-established business owner who we revamped her website was able to doubled her income in the first 30 days (and with additional business & marketing ideas) is now earning over 5x of her starting income in 7 months and is continuing to grow!

What will your success story look like?

I am focused on YOU, your business success, and whatever we have to do to achieve it. Plus we can start NOW getting you the ideas and solutions you need!

These are the actual words clients use to describe working with me:

  • Gets me thinking in new ways, reminds me of things, provides new information
  • Brings an objective set of eyes
  • Helps change mindsets
  • Acts as a sounding board
  • Brings clarity and focus
  • Provides very creative ideas to expand my business
  • Ability to see my business’s big picture and break it down into detailed strategic steps to implement
  • Has the ability to look comprehensively at any business for improvement
  • Blunt, you always know what she is thinking and where she stands. No mincing around, just up-front conversation.
  • Very organized
  • She found ways to make me money and to save me money
  • Was able to find a better life balance and I dealt with my aging mother better which meant my business didn’t suffer – I got solutions and ideas that I couldn’t find any where else.

Portrait of cheerful customer support executive

Schedule Your Call & Keep Your Momentum Up

 Don’t delay – schedule  your call to get your headache issue off your mind and get your business back in gear. After 30 years of working with businesses and coaching, I have the experience to find solutions, ideas, and options for your needs and you can get them quickly, no waiting around for hours or days.


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